Fund-Raising Partnerships

As a parent, I am very familiar with the problems of raising funds for all the activities my child participates in, and for his school.

The greatest problem, I found, was that no matter what fund-raising events or product drives we tried, no matter how creative and interesting we made the fund-raising activities, at the end of the day we were always raising funds from the same group of people.

At the sports club it's the players and their friends and families, sometimes workmates. At the school it's the parents and grandparents of the students, and occasionally a local business. At the local amateur drama society, it's the actors and their friends and families. At the church, it was the congregation, and sometimes their friends and neighbours.

When we created Teach Your Child Violin.com, I wanted to break out of scarcity thinking, not just on the level of individual kids and their families, but also at the level of the organisations to which they belong.

To accomplish this goal, we needed to provide a way by which schools, clubs and other groups could break out of their “limited market” of raising funds from the same small group of people. A system which enabled the smallest organisation to get access to the huge numbers of people associated with the largest schools, churches, and even commercial business customer databases.

I am pleased to tell you that we have accomplished that goal!

The Teach Your Child Violin Fund-Raising Partnership Program taps the power of exponential growth to provide even the smallest organisation with the capability to raise funds “with the big boys”.

How Does It Work?

At Teach Your Child Violin, we allocate 50% of our subscription revenue to be paid out to individuals and organisations which help us to spread the message of teh benefits of Teach Your Child Violin.com. We can tell you are spreading the message, because we log when people come to the web site on your recommendation. The Teach Your Child Violin.com web site can keep track of the people you send to look at the site, and when those people later subscribe as members, even if it is months later, the web site will automatically allocate a proportion of those peoples’ subscriptions to your account.

For example, if you are a Scouting group, you can register your group at the Teach Your Child Violin.com web site. You will then be able to get an internet link, unique to your group, which people can click on. You put the link on your web site, and let everyone know it is there. Whenever someone clicks on the link, they are taken to the Teach Your Child Violin.com web site, and the web site “knows” that this person was referred by your Scout group, because they came to the site via your unique link.

The people who are directly referred by your group will generate deposits to your group’s account each month, in the amount of 40% of their subscription payment.

In US$ terms, each new member directly referred by your group will generate $19.60 per month – for as long as they remain a member of the Teach Your Child Violin.com program!

If your group refers just 10 families to the program, that’s over $190 per month, every month.

How many chocolate bars would you have to sell each and every month to match that?

With the Teach Your Child Violin.com Fund-Raising Partnership, you do the work once, and the funds continue to roll in for months, even years afterward.

But There’s More …

Your group can also refer other groups, and the individuals who subscribe through your group can refer their friends, neighbours, and even other organisations to which they belong.

When this happens, your group will benefit even further.

The new subscriptions which come through at one remove will generate deposits to your group’s account each month, in the amount of 10% of their subscription payment.

Let’s suppose that eight of the 10 families you have referred do nothing more – they just enjoy the benefits of being in the program. One family refers a neighbour. One family refers their local sports club, which brings another seven families into the program. And one of the committee members talks to a local financial advisor, who has a list of over 3000 clients. Out of those 3000 clients, 32 decide to join the Teach Your Child Violin program.
Now your group is responsible for 50 families having joined the Teach Your Child Violin program – 10 families who have kids in your group, and another 40 families from the wider community. The direct referrals, the first 10 families, are worth $196 per month in funds raised.

The referrals at one remove generate a lower percentage, but there are more of them. Each one is worth $4.90 per month to your group, but there are 40 of them, so the total from the second group is another $196 per month – each and every month!

That’s a total of $392 per month, month in, month out, from now on, for as long as those families remain members of the Teach Your Child Violin Program

And what did the fund-raising committee have to do?

Put the link on a web site, tell the parents, and talk to one local businessperson.

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A New Era In Fund-Raising

Can you imagine what your school or club could do with that level of reliable income?

Schools could have more modern equipment – maybe even a computer for every child in the school!

Scouting groups could travel to Jamborees in far-flung and interesting places.

Cultural groups could have professional equipment and training facilities.

Community programs could build more shelters, feed more of the needy, treat more of the sick …

Your school, club or group can get on and do more of its primary purpose – whatever that is. You didn’t get involved in your school or club out of a passionate love for raising funds, did you? You got involved because you wanted your kids to have the education, cultural experience, or enrichment activity that your school or club provides.

If funds can be set to roll in on autopilot, most of the time and energy that is currently spent on fund-raising can be channelled back into improving whatever your school or group was set up to do in the first place.

And everyone wins!

And It’s All Automatic

You don’t have to keep records – the TeachYour Child Violin web site does it for you. Any time you want to know how your group is doing, you can just log in and see, any hour of the day or night.

You don’t have to talk people into joining the TeachYour Child Violin Program. There is plenty of information on the site and in the supporting emails to let people figure it out for themselves. And after reading the material on the web site, enough people do want to join to make this a very worthwhile exercise.

You don’t have to handle product – especially product which can melt in the sun, be eaten by people’s pets, or get mysteriously “lost” between stock takes.

You don’t have to collect and bank cash – the web site automatically bills the subscribers, and your funds are transferred monthly to a special account set up for that purpose.

So, What Do We Need To Do?

  1. Register your organisation.
  2. Put your unique link on a web page.
  3. Let everyone in your organisation know about the TeachYour Child Violin program, and where to find the link. (You can even email the link out if you have email addresses for the people in your organisation.)
  4. Help other organisations to register as Fund Raising Partners with Teach Your Child Violin.com.
  5. Spend the money!

Let’s Just Recap What You Get

  • Reliable, ongoing income for months, or even years, after just one period of promotional activity (say goodbye to the annual bake sale, the cookie drive, the chocolate drive, the raffles …)
  • Access to raising funds from an unlimited pool of people (never more will you feel that tug of guilt as you watch the same people digging deep for yet another fund-raising appeal …)
  • Potential to earn hundreds of dollars each and every month (and with income like that, to achieve some of those “one day” and “if only” goals …)
  • New energy in your key personnel, as they are freed from the constant drain of administering fund-raising activities (and can put their energy into the organisation’s primary purpose instead …)
  • Contribute to educating a new generation about money and business (to free the next generation from the burden of financial ignorance, from credit card debt, welfare dependence, and impoverished retirement years …)
  • Contribute to ending poverty through microfinance charities (to bring about equality and financial freedom for all, not just the privileged few …)
  • No paperwork! (Simple online accounting for all funds raised …)
  • No selling stuff! (The whole process is automated online, and all you need to do is give people a link to click – the web site does the rest … no more standing at stalls in the sun, carrying around heavy boxes of product, or walking the streets with raffle tickets …)
  • No asking for money! (People are subscribing to a program they really want, not just giving a donation, and they stick with the program because they are getting tremendous value from it …)
  • No handling cash! (Your funds are collected by the web site and deposited monthly to your account …)

And How Much Does It Cost?

It’s FREE!

We don’t believe in taking money from organisations who are trying to raise funds for any worthy cause.

There are no set-up fees.

No account-keeping fees.

No management fees.

No hidden costs of any kind.

(Note - you may incur some banking charges when the funds are transferred to you, but that won’t be Teach Your Violin.com taking your money; it will be some financial institution. We won’t charge you a penny.)

The Next Step ...

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